It the current space of computer and technology, the world
has become your oyster with the help of best travel apps around the globe. You can avoid contacting travel agents due to recent mobile technology development.
Most reviews by travel students showed that majority uses car rentals to facilitate their short connections from one university to another for research. The site provides with various features you need to be familiar with before planning to travel.

Google Translate

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This app has over one hundred and three supported languages
and instantly translates them to your preferred language. You can speak, write,
snap or type anything in any of the app’s supported languages. You can use the snapping feature, which is particularly helpful when using your phone camera. It brings an augmented reality translation that wonderfully works when trying to make sensible magazines or books. It supports offline use hence acts like a personal interpreter in your pocket. This app is freely available on all IOS and Android phones. This is a very important app to be used if you are travelling somewhere you don’t speak their language. It offers Google’s free translation by simply typing the words you need to translate.


Google Maps

This is the best phone navigation app used daily when you are on the road trips. You only need the internet connection to search new locations and thereby saving a quit number of unlimited maps to be used later when you are offline. Offline saved maps can save you when travelling to places of poor network connectivity. Most GPS in phones work in phones without any cell signal and you can even drive safely and access public transit directions even if you are not connected.


in the smartphone era

This app is considered to be the best overall when it comes to user reviews in terms of accommodation and various attractions. It provides plenty of information about destinations all over the world. You can access almost all of the information which is available on the site like current forums, syncing of web bookmarked pages and the app versions.


Pocket is one of the friendly reading app available for travelling. It helps save a number of articles to read on long traveling journeys. It also provides you with any information you need on long trips and destinations like attractions, booking details and restaurant recommendations.
All this does not need internet connections because saved web pages can be accessed from any computer, phone or tablet you are signed in to. You only need to sync your mobile phone automatically.

Many travel agencies helps travelers with major arrangements like the hiring a car, which offers convenience while on long travels. The travel industry has  become one of the fastest growing industry in the world while serving millions of people yearly. The travel apps provides the user with the following benefits: hotel booking, flight booking, getting around, packing and organizing, and finding the best learning institutions.

The apps provide with real-time learning experience 24/7, they send navigation tips based on user’s location and helps create effective re-engagement campaigns. In education, the apps creates a database of quality learning materials affordably, with comfort and overall experience. Research indicates that 85% of travelers on vacation book an activity via app whereas 75% use mobile apps for research and booking hotels.